Product Spotlight: Herbivore Botanicals

When I turned 30 late last year, I told myself I was going to make a conscious effort to take better care of my skin. That meant taking the time to find good products made up of natural ingredients that would really benefit my skin and be safe while I continue to breastfeed. I've always been perfectly fine grabbing some inexpensive moisturizer from Whole Foods and calling it a day, but after two kids and thirty years, I knew I needed to do more. So, one night when I was scrolling through Nordstrom.com, filling up my shopping cart with things I didn't need (per usual), I stumbled upon this brand. An hour later I had read every review on the website and by golly, I was ready to try some product for myself! Here's what I thought:

My skin gets so dry throughout the winter so a hydrating spray like this was a no-brainer. The fragrance is (obviously) a mix of rosehip and hibiscus oils, which sounds like heaven in and of itself. And while the scent is light, it is absolutely scrumptious. Most importantly, it does its job to keep my skin hydrated and smooth. I'll put a spritz on before I head out the door for work, after lunch (sometimes), and at night after I've washed my face. In all of the reviews I read, this seems to be a hydration miracle for all skins types too! Many only reported needing to spritz once a day. 

I've never used an oil on my face before. To be honest, I thought putting oil on your face was a huge no-no. Clearly, I have a lot to learn! Again, the reviews sold me on this. The product description may have contributed as well: "Like a phoenix from the ashes, allow your skin to regenerate with this blend of skin cell renewing CoQ10." Okay, let's do it! *Add to cart.*

I was so excited to receive this product. I would say it's been about two weeks now since I started using it and I've noticed such a huge difference! I feel like everyone says that when they are trying a facial product, but I really do mean it. It's the most noticeable when I wake up in the morning (after putting it on before bed)... my face would feel hydrated and soft, and look incredibly even-toned. And the best part is: I didn't break out! I would've thought oil would do that, but apparently, that's not what this blend does. No no, it's repairing damages tissues, softening wrinkles, reducing veins and capillaries, stimulating new skin cell growth, decreasing inflammation, increasing the skin's collagen production and boosting the skin's ability to regenerate itself. Like, are you kidding me? I will be using this the rest of my life. It's worth it people.

PS - This is in no way a sponsored post and I have no affiliation with this company. I just really wanted to share this with you guys. If you happen to try a product above, please let me know what you think! I just ordered their pink clay mask and am excited to try it out this weekend. 

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