Fresh Spring Style for Kids

This post is sponsored by Carter's; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend, so we packed up and headed out to some of our favorite kid-friendly spots here in Oklahoma City. Our first stop was the Oklahoma City Zoo. Whenever the weather is warmer, we spend a lot of time at the zoo. Brady and Parker love love love animals so it's fun to see them experience real animals - animals from their storybooks - in real life! They have an area where you can feed the giraffes, which Brady loves to do, but by the time the feeding was happening this time around, then kids were worn out so we decided to skip it. With this skipping, of course, came a promise to come back next weekend so we could give the giraffes lunch.

Brady loves flamingos and I think part of it may be because I went flamingo crazy last year when it came to decorating Parker's room. Anyway, we saw the baby flamingos (light pink above) and then we walked over to see the bigger ones (neon coral) who were very sassy! I feel like we usually always visit when they are sleeping, so it was really cool to see them walking close to all the gates and interacting with onlookers. We think they probably had to be hungry - or hangry, as they say. Brady was definitely blending in too. His bright shirt was the exact same color as their feathers!

If you're keeping track, Parker has gone through three (3) outfit changes since we arrived at the zoo. We changed her first outfit (sweatshirt and tights) because the weather warmed up significantly as soon as we got to the zoo. Shortly after that, we had a little accident, which brought us to outfit number three. The third one was my favorite, though. There's something about little girls and dresses (with bloomers) that I just can't resist!

Whenever we go out on adventures like this, I always want to take as many pictures as I can in an attempt to freeze these moments in time. And in doing so, I love dressing them in fun/stylish clothes that represent their cute little personalities. I also don't want them to give me a hard time in twenty years when we pull out old photo albums. I would love for them to look back and think "dang, look how stylish I was at 2 years old." And then they'll post it on whatever social media platform is popular in 10-15 years with the hashtag #tbt. Or will that even be cool then?

After we left the zoo, we headed to Whole Foods for lunch. Whole Foods is Brady's favorite place in the world. He loves to eat at the little kid-sized tables so Scott and I always squeeze ourselves into them. Fast forward thirty minutes or so, I gave Parker one of Brady's crackers and it was meltdown city. It was definitely nap time! We packed up and went home to allow quick naps for both babies.

Later on, with the house still a mess and neither Scott nor I wanting to deal with it just yet, we decided to head back out because it was still so beautiful outside.

We ventured over to another favorite spot of ours: Lake Hefner. We love going there because it's so peaceful. There are green spaces for miles where we'll have family picnics, fly kites, chase seagulls around, and draw with chalk on the walking trails. Brady also loves to watch all of the sailboats in the water, although there weren't any today. The lake is incredibly low because we've been going through a serious drought. So all that red you see in front of us is good 'ol Oklahoma red dirt that is usually covered by a lot of water.


Everything the kids are wearing above is from Carter's. We've always loved their bodysuits and pajamas, but I guess I never realized how adorable (and extensive) their full lines were. They recently introduced their spring line (what the kids are wearing above) and it's just all so fashionable! It's literally on-trend clothes in miniature sizes - dip-dye fabrics, eyelet ruffles, indigo knits - that I want to supersize for myself! And the baby shoes are probably the most precious things I've ever seen.

Carter's February Baby Sale starts tomorrow (through March 6th) and will feature so many great deals and you know I'm all about that! I've added a 20% off coupon below especially for you to use in case you see anything your littles can't live without. Fair warning: It won't be hard to find something - or everything. They have some really cute rain gear that I can't wait to get tomorrow!

Outfit One: Sweatshirt | Leggings | Sandals
Outfit Two: Shirt | Shorts | Hat
Outfit Three: Dress

Outfit One: Polo | Shorts | Loafers
Outfit Two: Big Bro Tee | Baseball Button-Up

I hope you enjoyed seeing a small glimpse of our weekend. I'm excited to share more about the kids here on the blog - especially their blooming personal styles. If there's anything you'd like to see more of on here, please let me know in the comments below!


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