Wardrobe Transitions

Lately, I've been really refining my wardrobe to include more neutral staple pieces that will hold a longer shelf life. As I get older, I feel so much more myself dressing this way. I guess that means my style is evolving - and I really like what it's evolving into!

My new thing, aside from shopping neutrals, is to have fun with my bags. On that same token, I'm really much more into investing in bags that are going to last a lifetime. I've totally cleaned out my closet in the last few weeks and I've sold almost every single one of my purses. I'm only holding on to the designer bags that I use very frequently. When it came time to add to my purse collection, this Chanel double flap bag really caught my eye. I love the bright orange-red color and I knew that it would look great with a lot of my *new* neutral outfits.

If you haven't heard about Trendlee, where I've been purchasing my designer bags at a much much lower cost, check out this post here. I was so surprised to see that they had so many genuine Chanel flap bags to offer!

So, I guess the *fashion* moral of the story here is, in my own opinion, if you keep your clothing more neutral, have fun with your bags! And INVEST, INVEST, INVEST! A nice bag can make a cheap outfit look 100x more expensive.


Similar hats here. Similar glasses below. 


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