A JORD Wood Watch for My Valentine

It seems like Valentine's Day is always about the girl. The roses, the bright red heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, gigantic stuffed animals, and maybe a little something extra -- they're all geared towards women. But don't get me wrong, I'm definitely okay with being totally spoiled every February! I just find it a little sad that the most masculine things readily available at stores in our area are a baseball themed heart-shaped box of chocolates and beef jerkey flowers. So, this Valentine's Day, I really want to celebrate my husband. My sweet, genuine, supportive, selfless, kind-hearted, loyal, and loving husband. 

Scott (aforementioned husband) typically stays behind the scenes on my blog and social media. He's the one who takes all of my photos, for the most part, so he rarely ends up in them. I don't think he minds that much, though. When I asked him if he would let me know take a few photos of him with his Valentine's gift, he wasn't as excited as I would've hoped. But that's okay. Let me just tell you a little bit about the man that Scott is and why I wanted to splurge a little on him this holiday. 

Every morning he wakes up before me and washes all of my pump bottles, preparing them for my morning pump session. He goes to Starbucks just down the road and gets me a warm coffee. If I'm in a hurry during the week (which I usually am), he'll make me and the kids breakfast. I never have to put gas in my car because he always keeps tabs on it, and will fill it up without me even realizing. He's always ready and willing to get us groceries or stop by the drug store to pick me up makeup remover wipes. He will forego NFL Sunday to take blog photos of me without TOO much complaining. He knows how much I love roses, so every now and then he'll come home with a fresh bouquet. Should I keep going or is your heart melting too? He's just incredible and I hope he knows that all of these unsung things he does for me every single day mean the world. 

Having two kids has kept us completely on our toes. Our house is constantly a mess. I rarely get a full six hours of sleep at night. I'm constantly trying to balance motherhood with a full-time job and this blog that I'm so passionate about (but often neglect). And on top of that, I signed myself up for a half-marathon later this year. With all of this going on, Scott is always right beside me, navigating through the chaos and supporting everything I want to do. 

When it came to finding the right Valentine's gift, I didn't have to look very far. I knew I wanted to get him a nice watch because he has needed one for quite some time. So I started out on my search at the typical online retailers - and then I somehow stumbled upon JORD Wood Watches. I had seen Scott eyeing wood watches in the past so I immediately perked up. As I was looking through their selection, I came upon this watch with the emerald background. The color emerald has a lot of significance in our life together - and it also happens to be Brady's birthstone. I knew it was the one!

I gifted it to him a little early, as you can tell (it's still January!) but I couldn't wait.

Scott, I hope you aren't embarrassed when you read this. But I hope you know that I'm so proud of the man you have become since we met in college exactly ten years ago. I admire your drive and constant desire to do more for our family. You are the best father and my absolute best friend, and I'm so lucky to call you my (and Parker's) Valentine! 

Because we're both so happy with Scott's watch, JORD offered to give my readers a $100 gift card towards any purchase on their website! 

All you have to do is enter HERE! Just takes a few seconds.  And each and every person that enters will receive a $25 gift card right away! 

The contest ends TONIGHT 1/22 and a winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

Good luck!


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