Meet Parker

As we approach Parker's 4-month birthday, I thought I would share some of her newborn photos with you and chat about her birth story. This little girl has changed my life in ways I never could've imagined. I'm so excited to watch her grow into a strong, smart, compassionate and fashionable little girl, and I am so honored that I was chosen to show her the way.

Having two babies has been very fulfilling, but if I'm going to be honest, the last four months have been a whirlwind. As a family, we've never been busier, our house has never been messier and our bank accounts have never been lower. But I love the chaos. I love every single second. I've learned to not worry about piles of laundry and a sink full of dishes because I know these days are fleeting and I want to soak up every moment.

Welcoming Parker 

Her birth story is an exciting one. I left work early the day before to go to my 37-week appointment. During the checkup, my doctor said "yeah... there's no way you're making it to your due date. This baby could come anytime." That was a shock to Scott and I both, but we were so excited! We left the hospital so giddy. Once I got home, I went to town on the entire house. I was cleaning the kitchen, organizing Parker's clothes, triple checking my hospital bag, etc. - until suddenly, I started having contractions. Before this point, I'd have a handful of strong contractions at night that would last about 20 minutes, but that was it. In the days I would be fine. So I took it easy but continued to get things in order around the house. When I went to the bed, the contractions were getting a little stronger and more frequent but I didn't really think anything of it. Plus I was just so tired.

Throughout that night I would wake up here and there because I'd have a strong contraction, but I was half asleep so I didn't think much of it. Finally, at about 5:00am, I thought to myself "maybe I should keep track of how far apart these are." So I opened up my notepad on my phone and started counting each contraction. After about 15 minutes, I realized my contractions were 4 minutes apart. I WAS DEFINITELY IN LABOR. I called my dad, who answered after half of a ring, and he and my mom came over literally five minutes later. Apparently they had a feeling it was going to happen soon so they already had their stuff ready to come over.

After getting out of bed, I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror trying to figure out how I could make myself presentable for photos with our little baby girl. I tried to convince Scott that I needed to shower before we left so I could curl my hair - but this argument was interrupted by a huge contraction that had me immediately curling over my countertop. "Okay fine you win," I yelled at him. We gave my parents Brady's baby monitor, headed straight to the car and were on the road at exactly 6:00am.

We walked into the waiting room at 6:15 and I calmly walked up to the check-in counter and said "hi, I think I'm in labor." I don't think the lady took me very seriously because she had no sense of urgency. She asked if I could sign a bunch of papers and I obliged, then took a seat. After about 10 minutes of having contractions in a waiting room full of half-awake people staring at me (and probably my terrible bedhead situation), someone came out to get me. They made me pee in a cup first, which took much longer than usual because I had to stop 3 times to deal with contractions. After that, they took me to another room to see how far I was dilated. At this point I was calmly telling the nurse "It feels like the baby is coming out right now." She was clearly not buying into my insistence and probably thought I was just being a wuss.

Then, as she's checking my situation, she immediately jumps back and says "Oh my god. You're dilated to a 9! We need to get you to a room stat!" She buzzed some intercom and ran out of the room. I looked over at Scott with a mixture of "I told you so, nurse" and "holy crap this is happening like now." Two nurses then rushed in the room and helped me stand up and walk just across the hall to a room with even more nurses. It was crazy. Sheets were flowing in the air, carts were being pushed into and out of the room, gloves were being put on, Parker's newborn area was getting prepped, and Scott was squeezing my hand while looking a bit stressed out. It was definitely a visual I'll never forget.

My legs went into stirrups and my doctor rushed into the room to greet me with wet hair and sleep in her eyes. They asked if I wanted an epidural and I said "ha! You bet I do!" They told me the anesthesiologist didn't get there until 7:00am but they would call her in right away. I panicked for a minute but so much else was going on with getting me prepped, and also the strong contractions, that it seemed like she was walking it before I knew it. About two minutes after my epidural kicked in, they saw Parker's head and let me know it was time to push.

I looked at Scott again and said "I can't believe we're about to meet her!" I could tell he was worried but he kept a sweet encouraging smile on his face the entire time. I pushed a total of 5 times and she was out at 7:48am! They immediately handed her to me and I fell in love all over again. She looked right at me as they cut the cord and I just stared at her with a great big smile until the nurses and Scott took her over to get weighed, measured and cleaned off. She came right back to me and we snuggled until it was time to move the recovery room. From that moment until now, I've just been so impressed by her. She is the best baby, just like her brother, and I feel infinitely blessed to call them mine.



Dress - linked here.
Hand Bracelet - linked here.
Parker's pink turban - linked here.
Parker's teal bow headband - linked here.

Newborn photos are by my sweet friend Amber at Gilli Girls Photography. 

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