The One Sale You Can't Miss

This sale totally caught me by surprise this morning. And actually, it doesn't go live to the public until tomorrow morning (promotion/email-wise) so from now until midnight, you have free reign on what they have in stock. And believe me when I say that things go fast. So if you see something you have to have, get it! 

I'm not ashamed to admit that I did some major shopping on my lunch break today because this is the only time you can score some major brands at 25% off with no spending minimum! You read that right - everything is 25% off! Of course, there are a few brand exclusions (including Tory Burch) but that usually comes with the territory. I'm not sure when the sale will end yet since it hasn't been announced, but these things usually last 3-5 days and the further we get into the sale, the smaller the available stock is. 

I made a little collage with all of my picks and a handful of products I swear by - like my favorite sunglasses, nursing bras and shorts! If you have any questions for me regarding fit, etc. please don't hesitate to comment below, on social media (@jenkubes) or via email: jenniferkubes@gmail.com!

Everything above is linked below from left to right and top to bottom:


Ready to shop? CLICK HERE!

Don't forget to enter the code "INTHEFAM" at checkout for 25% off your entire order!


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