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Hello, friends! I apologize for my absence on the blog lately. With a very active toddler who gets all of my attention, a house that's almost done being built, a full-time job that I dedicate a lot of time and heart to, and a baby girl on the way... it's safe to say I've been exhausted 99% of the time. I hate that my blog comes last in the grand scheme of things, but it's something that I know I'll never give up on. I love it too much. One day I'll be on a regular blogging schedule... one day. 

Oversized tops. Who doesn't love them? I have too many to count and they happen to come in very handy when you're expecting! My only rule when it comes to styling oversized tops is to keep your bottom half slim - whether it's by wearing tights, shorts or skinny jeans. You've got to have balance. A big top with big pants (think wide-leg trousers or boot cut jeans) would just add unnecessary weight on your frame.

I love this top in particular because it reminds me of spring (obviously) and I am so ready for warmer weather. Don't get me wrong, I love winter and drinking hot chocolate by a fire, but I think if it's going to be so freezing cold outside, there needs to be snow on the ground. If there's not snow or snow in the forecast, then it needs to warm up. At least the groundhog is predicting an early spring this year, right? As crazy as I feel for putting my trust in a small animal coming out of hibernation, I'm all about this prediction. Let's do this, mother nature. 

Top - RiffRaff. (Best selection of oversized tops!)
Maternity Tights - linked here
Boots - Steve Madden (super old).
Hat - linked here.
Clutch - linked here.
Sunglasses - linked here

If you have suggestions for other great oversized tops, let me know! 
Thanks for stopping by - love you guys! 


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