Leopard Print Sweater

You know when you're shopping and you see something out of the corner of your eye and you walk right up to it and buy it without even thinking? You don't even care what the price is. I mean, obviously you glance at the price, but you've already told yourself that you're not leaving the store without it? Well, that's exactly what happened when I saw this sweater - except I was online shopping and it was the first item that popped up on the page.

I'm a complete and total sucker when it comes to leopard prints, but leopard print is everywhere and a lot of times it can look cheap, so I'm very picky when it comes to purchasing. In this case, I had never seen an extra large print before (and it is made by one of my favorite designers) so I was sold immediately. Whenever I do wear leopard print - whether it's a sweater, shoes, or even pants (yes I own leopard pants) - I try to keep the rest of my outfit neutral so the print can live on it's own.

Top: RiffRaff.
Denim: Linked here.
Boots: Linked here. (15% off!)
Purse: Linked here.
Sunglasses: Linked here.
Earrings: Sold out. Similar linked here.

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  1. This sweater is too cute! Is it still available?

    1. Thank you so much! I went to their website to check this morning and it wasn't there so it must have recently sold out. They are really good at restocking items though, so If you email them at hello@shopriffraff.com and ask, I bet the would be more than happy to!! xoxo