I recently had the opportunity to try out a brilliant line of shoe and foot care necessities that I am so excited to introduce all of you to. Ladies, meet Solemates. (And as an ad woman, can I just say how great that company name is? Love it.) If you're a busy bee like me, caring for your shoes can be an afterthought, unfortunately. And honestly, before I found out about Solemates, I didn't know of many options out there that existed in terms of shoe and foot care. But, now that I have started to splurge on nicer shoes, I definitely want to do everything I can to keep them (and my feet!) in tip top shape. So thank you, Solemates, for coming into my life at the perfect moment. #serendipity

In order to kind of elaborate on why I love this line to much, I've broken down the products below so you can get an idea of what each one does - and realize immediately why you need it in your life.

PROTECT | This leather protector guards everything from your new leather over-the-knee boots to your suede high heels and those adorable fabric wedges from J.Crew. (Have you seen those yet?) This protector is the perfect preventative for those days when you wear a nice pair of suede shoes and it downpours or you step in a pile of snow (and salt) in the winter and get that annoying white ring on your leather boots. Taking just a few minutes to apply this to all of your nice shoes before the elements can get to them is extremely smart and something I wish I would've done a long time ago. 

FRESHEN | This shoe freshener not only smells wonderful but it also eliminates bacteria and prevents sweating! Are you kidding me? Where has this been all my life? I didn't even know products like this existed. I've been spraying this in all of my shoes since I opened the package and I'm kind of worried that I'm not going to be able to live without it. But I mean, who wouldn't want all of their shoes smelling like fresh baby lotion at the end of everyday?

BUFF | This buffer is the perfect partner-in-crime when you accidentally scuff your favorite shoes or need a quick shine. (When is the last time you gave your black leather heels some love?) It comes in a neutral color which makes it perfect for any hue of shoe in your closet. But the best part about this is it's not just for your shoes - it can also be used on purses, leather jackets and even your car! It's not something I would typically seek out unless I needed it, but I love having it on hand in the instance that my husband or I have a last minute wardrobe emergency. #wifeoftheyear

BLISTER BLOCKER | I could not wait to try this product out. For some reason, I never get blisters when I wear heels, but I always get them when I wear flats. (Could be why I don't wear flats very much?) So I immediately went to my closet and pulled out my semi-new snow leopard flats. I love these flats with every piece of my leopard-loving heart, but they have given me the worst blisters! So, I happily applied this anti-friction balm and went to Target with my boys. I loved how easily it went on (kind of like chapstick) but it didn't leave any greasy residue. And at the end of the day, my feet were just fine! So if you have any shoes you need to break in or have a long day ahead, I think this is definitely the product for you and your tootsies!

SHOE ESSENTIALS | This three-pack of shoe essentails was probably what I was the most excited about initially. I bought a few pairs of heels when I was pregnant last year, but after I had Brady, my feet shrunk and they all became a little too big. So after neglecting them for quite some time, I decided I was going to find inserts that would make them fit better so I could finally wear them again. And these were just what I needed! The pack comes with:

1. Ball of Foot Cushions (pictured above)
That not only help to keep my feet from sliding around but are also incredibly comfortable and can keep me on my feet for hours. 

2. Heel Cushions 
That protect the back of your foot from sliding out of your shoe - and also happen to be super comfortable and actually STAY adhered to your shoe. 

3. Anti Skid Pads 
That you can stick to the bottom of your shoe to provide traction and prevent slipping and sliding. (Great for weddings, dances and a night out on the town.)

SHOE BAG | I never realized the value of a shoe bag until I started traveling a lot for my job a few years ago. Not only do they protect the outside of your shoe, but they keep you a little bit more organized when it comes to traveling, packing and storing. A great inexpensive investment!

Shop all of the products I tried out below:

Special thanks to Solemates for sponsoring this post!


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