Casual Weekend Vibes

There are so many things I love about weekends, but one thing I'm especially fond of is going out for morning coffee. Because on the weekends, I don't have to down my caffeine at warp speed while I'm applying makeup, approving my husbands outfit or scrambling eggs for my little dude. And with so many new coffee shops around Oklahoma City, we have started to make a tradition out of trying a new place each weekend. Last Sunday it was Coffee Slingers on Automobile Alley. They are currently at the top of my list for almond milk lattes and they have ridiculous blueberry scones. 

After coffee we walked across the street to Wayne Coyne's art gallery where we took these pictures above. I just love how colorful the building exterior is and I know I'm not the only one. There are always people taking pictures outside so I was surprised we were the only ones there this time!

Another thing I love about weekends, you ask? Super causal attire, of course. There's nothing I love more than throwing on my favorite pair of cutoffs with a cozy top and heading out the door. The top that I'm wearing above actually just went on sale and is quite the steal because it's one of those tops you can wear all year long!

Outfit Details
Sweater - linked here.
Shorts - linked here.
Necklaces - linked here and here.
Sunglasses - linked here.
Sandals - linked here.


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