Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans created mainstream fashion waves in 2009 and I've had absolutely zero interest in buying myself a pair since then. Why would I want to wear my boyfriend's jeans? It didn't make sense to buy a pair of jeans that were supposed to look too big on and would inevitably make my legs look bigger than I already subconsciously thought they were. Yeah, no thanks. My slimming skinny jeans and I were going to be just fine, and as a matter of fact, we were as strong as ever. #relationshipgoals

Well... I wasn't really that hungry on my lunch break last week (I just stopped nursing so my appetite has just completely dropped off the face of the earth - which is totally awesome) so I decided to pay a visit to my local J.Crew. Now, I'm normally not a big "try-er on-er" but I knew I had time to kill, so I grabbed anything that caught my eye. When I walked over to the wall of denim, I noticed a great big display of boyfriend jeans front and center that I was immediately drawn to because of the gorgeous wash. (When it comes to shopping for denim, the color is the most important to me; fit is secondary.)

 So I decided, what the hell, let's try them on. And once I did it was game over. 
They are comfortable, stylish and believe it or not, flattering! I love how this specific pair provides a more feminine fit up top which alleviates any potential boxing that most boyfriend jeans, that I've seen at least, create. I do have to say that I prefer the look of these jeans with heels and a basic tee. It's such a beautifully effortless, yet quintessential feminine look of our time. 

I'm really patting myself on the back for tucking my stubbornness away for a lunch break and trying them on. The moral of the story here is, you may think certain trends won't work for you, or you may think you can't possibly pull something off, but until you try, you'll never know!

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Jeans - linked here. (on sale too!)
Sweater - linked here.
Shoes - linked here.
Hat - linked here.
Sunglasses - linked here.

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  1. These look amazing on you and I love how you styled them! I've been on and off about bf jeans the last few years, mainly because it's so hard to find a pair that's flattering on you as an individual, especially if you don't have toothpick legs like the models ;) But I love this pair on you and I'm adding them to my try-on list!