Texas Kimono

Aloha! Is it just me or does it seem like everyone on Instagram is on some kind of tropical vacation? I have been having some serious FOMO and I decided to do something about it. So... I ordered this tropical kimono. (Hey, that counts right?) Y'all know kimonos are my thing and this brand consistently hits the mark when it comes to churning out ridiculously cool prints.

Let's also talk about tank tops for a minute. I'm so weird with spaghetti strap tank tops - I'm absolutely obsessed with them, but I always feel like I need to cover them up with something. And so for me, kimonos are always the perfect ingredient because they compliment the simplicity of a plain tank. Case in point, I purchased this ultra-feminine cropped tank top at the same time as the kimono because I thought they would go so well together. But I've also found myself pairing it with a lot of other outfits - like high waisted pencil skirts at work and plain black leggings while I'm playing with Brady around the house.

Kimono - linked here.
Tank - linked here.
Shorts - linked here.
Bucket Bag - linked here.
Earrings - linked here.
Sunglasses - linked here.
Sandals - Zara (old).

Shop the look directly below:


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  1. Hi! I know this is super random and out of the ordinary but I love this kimono so much! Unfortunately since this was so long ago it's sold out everywhere! Do you have any chance still have this/ would want to sell it? Thanks so much and i love your blog!