Keys to the Jeep

If you immediately thought of Missy Elliot when you saw the title of this post, then there's a chance we are or could be friends. There's also a chance you were in high school in the early 2000's and Missy Elliot was the coolest thing to jam out to in your car as you were leaving the high school parking lot - windows down of course, with all of that crap hanging from your rear-view mirror blowing in the wind. You know - the Hawaiian leis, boyfriends' necklaces, candy necklaces, chiffon scarves, lanyards from football games, etc. Everyone was doing it. Clearly I went a little overboard but that's kind of my life. Thank goodness I never got into a wreck. 

In regards to my outfit though, I am OBSESSED with this top!
The print and the colors. It's everything. I also ordered it in a poncho version (linked here).

Top - linked here.
Shorts - linked here.
Belt - linked here.
Shoes - linked here.
Sunglasses - linked here.
Earrings - linked here.

Shop it here:


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  1. Great knit. The geometric pattern is fun and just crazy enough. The color pattern is soft and not overwhelming. Love it! Not to mention, the drawn-curtin back is right on trend.