Ten Months

Hello! It's been a minute. There are so many changes happening in my life right now - and I can't wait to share a lot of them with you - but for the time being, I just need about 30 more hours in the day.
Anyway, I wanted to check in quickly to show off my favorite new shirt from RiffRaff and my little Brady man, who just turned 10 months old!

// 10 months //
Just got his two bottom teeth two days apart. Finally said mama but is always saying dada. Eats like a champion. Loves mama's green juices. Gets so excited when we feed him scrambled eggs in the morning that he starts dancing and clapping in his chair. Pulls up on everything. Prefers drinking water out of big boy cups or straws. Loves pushing his soccer ball around, popping bubbles with his hands and climbing the stairs over and over again. Overall, he's the perfect little thing that has ever happened to Scott and I. And he's growing way too fast. 

Skirt - linked here.
Hat - linked here.
Brady's Onesie - linked here.


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