Friday Finds

I know I'm in trouble every time the seasons change. New styles, new trends to try, new color palettes, new everything. But I can honestly say my favorite season to transition into is Spring. Why, you ask? The COLOR. After a long and cold winter full of grey and black and heavy coats and itchy sweaters, I welcome pastel colors with open - albeit pale - arms.

And so for those who aren't paying attention, I changed my "Friday Five" to "Friday Finds" because I can't limit myself to only 5 things each week. Sorry. If you've never seen these before, this is where I share with you all of the nifty things I've found throughout the week/want in my closet ASAP.

Sweaters here // Pillows here // Floral Pants here // iPhone Cover here // Sunglasses here
Sunglasses here // Heels here // Purse here // Wide Leg Trousers here // Flats here // Chair here

And in continuing the spirit of sharing, here's another one of my favorite songs that I'm sure you've never ever heard before. Have another great song you want to share? Comment below!


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