Coral is the New Black


Cliche blog title aside, I noticed that everything surrounding me this week has been coral. And not just shades of coral. No. I'm talking the exact same color of coral. It all started with this sweater from RiffRaff that I received in the mail on Monday. Then, yesterday, I got a fresh mani-pedi with an OPI color I bought a few weeks ago that has been living at the bottom of my Louis Vuitton Never Full for that entire length of time - also coral. And then, after work yesterday, my husband brought me home these pretty and insanely beautiful coral roses. I mean.

Silly coincidental stories aside, you've got to get these jeans. They are under $70 (compared to every other pair out there that are double and triple that price) and the white skinny jean is one of - if not the biggest spring/summer trend this year. I've already seen these sell out once and luckily they got restocked. So go get em! You'll thank me later.


Jacket - linked here.
Sweater - linked here.
Jeans - linked here.
Necklace - linked here.
Heels - linked here.
Gloves - linked here.

Shop the look directly below:


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