Brand Crush: MINKPINK

I've always said that I'm an equal-opportunity dresser - in that I don't stick up my nose to particular brands, nor do I only wear specific labels. But, over the years of loving and obsessing over clothes, I've become very fond of a handful of brands. Where every season I'm anticipating their new designs and every season they consistently hit. the. mark. For me, anyway. 

And with new spring lines appearing in stores every day, I thought now would be a great time to introduce you to one particular brand who has a superb lineup for spring and summer. 

an eight-year-old Australian brand that designs inspirational and affordable pieces from swimwear and sunglasses to beautiful basics, jewelry and accessories.

Click on any of the images above or below to shop.

And before you go, I want to share my new favorite song with you - which I think may be my Spring anthem. Can't you just picture driving around with the windows down blasting this track?


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