Tweed, Floral and Manolos

The fashion greats say that in order to be timeless and memorable, a signiture look is key. Think about Karl Lagerfeld. White standing-collar oxford, black blazer, black tie/scarf/bowtie, black pants, black shoes, hair in a ponytail, black aviators, black gloves optional. He has the same look every single day and it will go down in history. It's already a part of history. And when you see that look on someone else, you think of Karl. And that's because he has branded himself through his clothing.

Now I'll be the first one to tell you how much I love changing it up every day. I usually don't like to wear the same type of outfit in a week - skirt on Monday, pants on Tuesday, dress on Wednesday - you get what I mean. But I keep finding myself coming back to this look. Structured blazer/jacket, corresponding top, skinny jeans and high heels. So, I've made myself a shopping promise that anything I buy moving forward has to fit within this ensemble. And I think I can handle that. I've never been a huge dress person anyway and I think I have enough skirts to last me into 2084.

Aside from dressing, another great tip I recently received was having a signature scent. With all of the wonderful perfumes out there, I'm always tempted to switch it up. But if you're constantly switching up your perfume, you don't have a signature scent people can remember you by. And I want my little boy to always think of me if he ever smells Burberry Original. :)

Sunglasses - link.
Scarf - link. link.
Jacket - link.
Top - link.
Denim - link. (only $70)
Heels - link.



  1. I'm all about a colorful blazer and yours is at the top of my wishlist! Love it paired with the shoes!
    xo Jenna

  2. I've always loved your posts but am really loving your 2015 posts!! Your different, bright, creative and inspiring looks are bomb.com! I'm a Dallas girl living in the OKC world, so love having that familiarity with your posts! Cheers!

  3. Loving this jacket. Color & texture, Chanel inspiration 101. Great ensemble.


  4. I love what you said about a signature scent! When I wear Alien my daughter stops in her tracks and asks if it's Alien. The only scent she recognizes! I'm such a variety girl as well!