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I recently came across a neat little company called La Clé Jewelry owned by an adorable super mom/mega entrepreneur. La Clé creates necklaces using vintage keys dipped in a color of your choice. That may sound simple, but there's so much more to it. Each color La Clé offers represents something. My key (lime green) stands for Independent and Free. I've always been a very independent person, as has my husband, so this color (and meaning) jumped out at me right away. I also wanted to be a cheese ball and get his named engraved on it so I can walk around knowing I have the key to his little independent heart. I know, I know. So cheesy.

Over time, the color on your necklace fades which ultimately unveils a "naked key". If you take a photo of your naked key and write a little bit about what your key means to you, and then share it with La Clé using #nakedkey, they will make a donation in your honor to a charity of your choice. How cool is that?

Now aside from color-dipped keys, La Clé also has Double Decker Keys, very cool Limited Edition Keys, the ability to make a Custom Key, and an entire line of La Clé Originals. Oh but that's not all. They even have apparel - in the form of very cute shirts. Like this one...

I am IN LOVE with this shirt. I always try to be a very positive person and I would hope that most people who know me could agree. I don't leave much room in my life for negative thoughts or negative people so this shirt is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. :)

La Clé Necklace: link.
Hat - link.
Sunglasses - link.
Top - link.
Skirt - link.
Boots - link.
Purse - link.

La Clé "High Fives for Good Vibes" Tee - link.
Hat - link.
Sunglasses - link.
Denim - link.
Jacket - link, link.

Shop some of the looks directly below:

Special thanks to La Clé for a wonderful collaboration!


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