Friday Five

When you're constantly browsing sales, creating gift guides and pulling links for your own outfits, it's hard to not find MORE things to lust over. My husband jokes that I want something new every day. And frankly, he's probably right. That's the beauty of fashion. It's always changing.

Anyway, I've gathered 5 things I've seen while perusing my favorite online stores this week to share with you. And my husband. In case he reads this and wants to buy me things. Please?

1. Pink Midi Skirt - linked here.
2. Floral Eye Mask - linked here.
3. Lavender Statement Necklace - linked here.
4. Amazing Black Mules - linked here.
5. Window Pane Blanket Scarf - linked here

Did you find anything awesome this week? There are so many great sales going on right now that it's almost impossible NOT to find something... unless you've got amazing willpower and stay offline. :)


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