The Conversation Piece

I am a sucker for conversation pieces and this hand-knitted cardigan is no exception. I find myself spending money on unique pieces over basic pieces more often than not because I firmly believe that fashion should be fun. Uninhibited fun. And that is exactly why I have more sequin blazers in my closet than professional ones. 

The easiest way to pull off a conversation piece is to pair it with basics. Jewelry and accessories should also be kept simple so nothing is competing or clashing. 

Prada Sunglasses here.
Neon Pink Earrings here. (on sale!)
Hand-Knitted Cardigan here.
Marfa Tee here.
Tory Burch clutch here.
Denim here.
Leopard Strappy Heels here.


1 comment:

  1. Great clutch, color & size. Not to mention, Tory used the softest leather for her bags. Love it.