Fall Trend Report: Faux Fur Vests

Let's face it, fur vests have become a staple in the fall and winter and it's safe to say they're not going anywhere soon.  They are completely versatile in that you can dress them up, dress them down, or use them to legitimately keep you warm. Each year the designs and drapes of these vests keep getting better and better so the ability to pair them with more ensembles skyrockets. I like to pair my fur vests with denim and a nice top; over a snug dress; on top of a sweater for more warmth; or with any monotone outfit that needs more character and depth.
*Wearing a fur vest over a blazer also creates a very chic look!

Now when it comes to fur, I'm a 100% faux fur gal so I've scoured my favorite online shops to gather up my favorite/the best faux fur vests out there right now. Use the arrows below to navigate through my selections and let me know which ones you're loving!

Additional links for the vests here:
One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight // Nine // Ten



  1. Hmm, I'm not a fan of faux fur. Personally, I never seen one that didn't look synthetic. I know technology is getting better when it comes to FF but they aren't there just yet. I find that regardless of long hair or short hair...they wear down & look yucky. Though it's not politically correct, I like fur. However I'm not vegan so I like leather also. Yes, I'm knowingly a bad person (who has no guilt).

    However when it comes to styling, I'm on the same page. Love to wear my fur vest with skinny jeans or heavy weight leggings & velvet slippers or boots (flat or heeled). I've never tryed pairing it over a blazer. I would assume it has to be a proper tailored one or it would look messy. So a boyfriend blazer is out. Maybe I'll step out of my comfortable zone & try it. Thanks for planting the thought in my head.

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  2. So so so chic, I love it with skinny jeans and pointy toe pumps!

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  3. I love them too! And we carry two colors that have this not-fake-faux-fur look that I always look for when going for vegan options :) Black Faux Fur Vest & Camel Faux Fur Vest