If I had a signature look, this would be it: An oversized top front-tucked into a colorful skirt with heels. I buy these two pieces more than anything else in my wardrobe because, well... it just works for me. So it makes sense that I'm always on the hunt for the next great oversized top or great eye-catching skirt. Well folks, I've found the shirt of all shirts and it's from RiffRaff. I've been shopping at RiffRaff for months and months and I could kick myself for never ordering one of these Piko tops until now. I am in love.

Switching gears, I want to also tell you guys about a new handmade jewelry line created by two cute sisters from Dallas called Wear Bracha. In Hebrew, "bra-ka" means blessing and all of the pieces in the collection exist to remind the person wearing it how special and blessed they are. Read more about what led them to start Wear Bracha here

Heels are Maison Martin Margelia for H&M. They sold out last year. 



  1. GREAT pair of shoes. I remember when those came out last year. I tried to get a pair but had no luck. Oddly enough, I never saw any girls here in NYC wearing them on the street. Whatever the case, you're luckly to have them.

    www.stylegonerogue.com (new post today)

  2. I am seriously loving this look! That skirt is perfection. Also, your hair looks fabulous;)

    Dana | pink champagne problems

  3. If anyone else is looking for the Piko top (it was sold out on RiffRaff), I found them for SO cheap at http://www.almostanythinggifts.com/chic-clothing/long-sleeve-piko-tops/. I haven't gotten mine in yet, but it almost seems too good to be true!