Fall Trends

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Cooler weather, football games on Sundays, leaves blowing around in the wind, pumpkin spice lattes, big cozy sweaters... I could go on and on. So, in true style blogger fashion, I'm sharing some of the top fall trends that are on my fall must-have list. 

1. Over-the-knee boots
Last year I bought some pretty tall boots, but this year it's all about going over-the-knee. I'm purchasing these Vince Camuto boots, but here are a few others I'm crazy about.

2. Cozy sweaters
You can't beat snuggling up in a big cozy sweater on the weekends with a warm cup of tea and the latest issue of Vogue. Or throwing one on over tights and boots to grab brunch with a friend. They are a fall and winter staple. I would say I'm just going to buy ONE of these sweaters below, but I want them all. Use the arrows to navigate through the full selection.

3. Black skinny jeans
Black is the new black when it comes to fall-worthy denim. Everyone is wearing black denim and the stores have great selections right now. I purchased this distressed pair last weekend but here are some of my other favorites.

4. Duster Cardigan
One part kimono, one part cardigan. The duster is huge for the fall. If you know me, you know how bad my kimono obsession was this summer, so I'm definitely stocking up on these.

5. Fall Perfumes
As much as I wish I could have one signature perfume year-round, I just can't. I love perfume too much. So, I alternate a few scents in the spring/summer and fall/winter. The original Burberry Women's perfume is always my go to, mainly because not that many people wear it or even know about it. But like I said, I always like to alternate, so I've added my favorite fall scents below.

6. Leopard Slip-ons
We saw the athletic trend hit stores in full force earlier this year. This is an easy way to buy into that trend without having to fully commit. And if you're a mommy like me, these shoes are exactly what your stylish self wants to be wearing while chasing your little one around.

7. Wool Hats
If you've been looking for the perfect hat to wear this fall, I've found it. I ordered this one because I know it will go with everything in my closet, but the rest of these are pretty great too. Dress it up, dress it down and pair it with just about anything to make your outfit a little bit better than everyone else's or you can always wear it to cover up untamable hair.

8. Plaids
Plaids are always on trend, but there's something to be said about flannel plaid. It could be the fact that when you wear it, it means the weather is cooler and fall is truly here. Last year, we saw the rise of the buffalo plaid (red and black) and it's definitely coming around again this year. If you don't have any buffalo plaid in your closet, now is the time to get it!

9. Trench Coats
Who cares if it's not raining outside, everyone is wearing trench coats. Trench coats are back this year and they've received a much needed makeover - including great feminine silhouettes and silky smooth fabrics. I'm personally loving the sleeveless trench coats and have already worn this one over a dalmatian print dress with heels.

10. Satchels
Satchels are huge this fall and I couldn't be happier because I'm one of those girls who always has to have a big bag. These leather satchels below can really be the cherry on top of any put-together outfit. I always tell my friends and family that you should spend more on your accessories, especially your purse, because you carry it everyday. It can really make or break your outfit.



  1. I couldn't agree more with you on these trends. They are amazing. Fall needs to be here ASAP!

    Dana | Pink Champagne Problems

  2. Over the knee boots are OVER THE TOP! Here is another great look with them: http://www.fash365.com/2014/09/brocade-decorate-yourself-for-party.html