Casual Sunday

A typical Sunday in Dallas for me used to involve an ice cold Blue Moon and a patio on McKinney Avenue. Well, it's safe to say things have drastically changed over the last nine months. Now my Sundays are spent waking up with the sunrise, going out for breakfast with my husband (instead of a bottomless mimosa brunch), cleaning up the house, going on a long walk, getting groceries and relaxing. And I have to say, I really like it. 

I also like that all of the casual pieces in my wardrobe are seeing the light of day. My favorite casual outfit (pre-pregnany and now) has always been tights and an off-the-shoulder top. Scroll through my Instagram feed and you'll see proof, I promise. I never pass up the chance to purchase a great off-the-shoulder shirt, so when I saw this one from ShopRiffRaff, I had to have it. 

What's your favorite casual weekend outfit? 

Hat - J.Crew
Necklace - ShopRiffRaff
Tote - Fossil (old)
Bow Bracelet - HighsandBows
Ring - ShopRiffRaff
Wedges - J.Crew


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