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You might be living under a rock if you weren't aware that pastels are a big thing right now. I may also be living under a rock because I never realized how much I love this powder blue color. I've been seeing it everywhere lately and can't resist it. Even my nail polish has been powder blue for almost two months - which is unheard of in my world. Just look at my nail polish drawer. Anyway, I'm sure most of you out there have some pastels in your closet - so next time you go to get ready, try grabbing two pieces and pairing them together. You may be surprised at how well it goes! If you feel like your outfit has too much color, pair it with neutral accessories like I've done here and it will pull it all together. Speaking of, the booties I'm wearing above were picked out for me by the designer himself and are probably the most comfortable heels I've ever worm - even at 37 weeks!

My favorite pastel color pairings:
powder blue + mint green // pink + mint green // pale yellow + orange sherbet 
pink + orange sherbet // lavender + powder blue


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