All Packed Up

It's hard to believe the time to pack a hospital bag is here! Most of the websites and apps I reference suggest packing a bag right at 8 months because you can essentially have the little one at anytime from then on. While I hope our little Brady continues to grow in my belly for as long as possible, I thought I would pack my bag now so we're completely ready whenever he decides to grace us with his presence. Plus, I know that being totally prepared when it comes to something this monumental will help keep me calm.

But first, we should probably talk about the bag itself.

I took this opportunity to purchase a legitimate travel bag. At several other times in my life I could never really justify needing a cute travel bag, other than to just have a cute travel bag. So yes, if I wasn't flying somewhere with actual luggage in tow, you could find me stuffing a days worth of clothes in a Whole Foods reusable bag. Sue me. Anyway, I'm really glad I invested in this adorable tote because it really is the perfect size for this occassion. It has several pockets, it's super soft inside and out and it fits almost everything listed below! My favorite part is the shoulder strap - which is perfect for traveling mommy's.

 1. Swaddle Cloth | 2. Blanket | 3. Mittens | 4. Newborn Outfit | 5. Socks
6. Reusable Snack Bag | 7. Pacifier | 8. Sensitive Wipes 

Almost all hospitals provide swaddle cloths, but I wanted to bring my own little giraffe swaddle blanket for pictures. Hospitals also obviously provide a million baby wipes, but I found a giraffe themed travel pack that I couldn't resist. Hey, you never know. The blue chenille blanket above is super soft and something you'll want for the little one when leaving the hospital/on the way home. Socks and mittens are a definite must to keep baby's feet warm and block his little hands from scratching his face. A few of my friends brought gowns for the baby to wear while in the hospital, so I've packed one just in case we decide to use it. A newborn pacifier is also a must and I couldn't resist this giraffe one (can you tell I love giraffes yet?). Lastly, I packed a cute reusable snack bag to keep his newborn pacifier in for the time being.

You can shop my picks for Brady directly below...

There's not a lot I can bring for Brady from home because I know he will be completely taken care of at the hospital, but me on the other hand...

1. Blue Caftan | 2. Laptop Case | 3. Camera | 4. Hair Ties | 5. Glasses | 6. Beaded Headband
 7. iPhone Cover | 8. Caftan | 9. Nursing Bras | 10. Flip Flops

1. Notepad | 2. Slippers | 3. Chapstick | 4. Robe | 5. Socks | 6. Blanket 

First of all, I must admit I'm totally not bringing the Ryan Gosling book to the hospital, but how awesome is that? I had to order it as soon as I saw it. I think my mind will be too busy to actually read anything, but I am bringing a stash of my favorite movies (include How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) to watch in the recovery room. I'm also bringing some notepads to keep track of Brady's feeding times and to jot down memories from the overall experience. I also made sure to pack plenty of lose caftans/nightgowns and a soft robe. I've heard from so many people that you definitely want something super easy to slip on and be comfortable in during your stay. Pants will not be appealing. Speaking of 'super easy to slip on', I'm brining flip flops to use in the bathroom/shower,  my UGG moccasins for any other walking around I do and fun socks for keeping my feet warm in bed (I hear hospital rooms are usually on the cooler side).

A few other things to not forget:
• A wristlet with your ID, insurance card and pediatrician information.
• iPhone charger, laptop charger, camera charger, batteries
• Comfortable undergarments
• A book on newborn care (I hear Baby 411 is the best)
• Dollar bills for the vending machines after the kitchen closes

You can shop everything in my bag for ME directly below...

Aside from what I'm bringing for Brady and myself, I made sure to pack several pairs of warm, comfortable outfits (sweatshirts, sweatpants, socks) for my husband to lounge in. As well as a pack of toiletries, my husband's swimsuit for the shower and a warm blanket and pillow from home.


If you have any questions about the products I chose to pack — or if you have any other tips/suggestions for me before I go, let me know!


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  1. Hi! Wow, you are so more prepared than I was (my youngest is 8 years old). Something to keep in mind...you may want a cute top or shawl to wrap around you on the top if visitors come or for pictures, or a robe if you get up and walk around, but your body will be leaking things all over and you might not want to actually wear anything nice in the way of underwear or nightgowns. You will be in bed or under the covers most of the time and the nurses will need access a lot. The hospital gown will probably suffice! I also brought my own pillow (or pillowcase), because I love putting my face up against something soft that smells like home. Don't forget your body will still look and feel 7 months pregnant when you leave (it takes a while for that uterus to shrink), so make sure whatever you bring to wear home is maternity. Congratulations and I wish you the best!