The Friday Five: Statement Earrings

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Every Friday I'm going to share something I'm loving at the moment in increments of five - be it a brand, a trend, a hue or in tonight's case, statement earrings.

 Right now I'm clearly obsessing over statement earrings. This doesn't mean I'm over my statement necklace phase, but my love for big, flashy earrings is definitely growing. In my personal opinion, BaubleBar has the best statement earrings right now. All five of my picks tonight come straight from them and get this... they are all under $45.00. Crazy right?

In my opinion, statement earrings pair best with something casual. Say... a plain white tee with a cardigan or an oversized sweater. Because these earrings carry so much visual weight, wearing them with toned-down looks creates the ultimate fashion juxtaposition that I love oh so much.


"Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed." 
- Jennifer Lopez

Let's go shopping!


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