I’m talking to you.
Yes you, the one who is reading this right now.

As you may know, a few weeks ago I got together with a fun group of bloggers from Dallas and beyond to celebrate each other and have a heck of a good time.  It was during that time that we had a big conversation about how we couldn’t be doing this fashion thing that we’re doing without the support of readers and friends like you. Because of this, we decided to do something to show you how much we appreciate your readership, support, encouragement and love – even if it’s through a “like” or a sweet comment every now and then.

So... we've all come together to offer one lucky reader a $260 gift card to Victoria’s Secret! Think of all the cute stuff you could get with that! To enter the giveaway is easy, just click on the rafflecopter link below and enter as many times as you can. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 19. To see all of the sweet bloggers involved in this giveaway, look for links to each of their individual blogs at the bottom of this post. 

Whether you visit WWJW often or if this is your first time, thank you thank you thank you. 
I hope I can continue to inspire you every now and again when you're shopping or getting dressed in the morning! If you’re a blogger, be sure to leave your website in the comment section below so I can check it out! 

Good luck!

A few of my current favorites from Victoria's Secret...



  1. My blogs is www.fabulousrie.blogspot.com :)

  2. My first time here, but I´m already hooked!
    My Swedish blog are: http://finafrun.se

    Have a wonderful St Valentines day filled with lots of love! (its my birthday today!!)