Valentine's Day Gift Guide

For a made-up holiday created after a winged assassin, Valentine's Day is actually one my favorite times of the year. Spring lines are starting to hit stores (which means bright colors and pastels), grocery stores are stocked full of candy and chocolates, everyone is wearing pink and there are literally flowers everywhere. What's better than that? So, in the spirit of spreading the love, I'm sharing my gift ideas for him and for her this Valentine's Day. And if you're single, I hope you spoil the hell out of yourself. You deserve it.  


For Her

Valentine's Day is pretty easy when it comes to shopping for a girl. Flowers and chocolate are an easy given. But when you're dating, engaged or married to a girl who loves the color pink, everything Tory Burch and the mere thought of macarons, going the extra mile will probably get you some extra points this holiday. Did I mention that I'm lusting over each and every one of these items below? It's true. So if you see my husband around Dallas, make sure he's read this part!


For Him

Guys can be hard to shop for no matter what the holiday. But when it comes to Valentine's Day, I don't think I'm alone when I say I can't ever decide what to get my husband. The onslaught of Victoria's Secret commercials makes me (and probably every other female on earth) think lingerie is all that a guy needs on Valentine's Day. And while lingerie is really never a bad idea, I'm a firm believer in spoiling your guy and February 14th is a great time to show him how much you love and cherish having him in your life. 

Shop these ideas for him below:

Material goods aside, the most important thing to do this Valentine's Day is let people know you love them. Speaking of, if anyone knows Harry Styles personally, please let him know that I love him.


"All you need is love." - The Beatles


  1. I'll tell Harry later this eve…. ;) Love the gift ideas!

  2. Where are the pink studded heels from in the For Her guide?

    1. Valentino. Forgot to add the link - good catch! It's up there now :)


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