Think Pink

There's never a shortage of pink in my closet. I think there is something so sweet about a woman wearing pink - even if it's something as small as pink earrings. The color compliments any skin tone and can literally be paired with anything.  Here, I've chosen two small pink accessories (scarf + shoes) and added them to a rather neutral palette -- and with just those two additions, the outfit pops.

 There's also no shortage of sequins in my closet. Sequins are acceptable no matter your age, no matter the occasion. Just don't overdo it. In my opinion, sequins work best in small doses with toned down pieces. I own several sequins shirts (most are from J.Crew) and my little secret for extending their wear and preserving their look is to wear a plain white crew neck shirt underneath. It creates a nice layer effect externally, and makes it much more comfortable to wear internally.

*Prego-tip: Invest in a good pair of maternity jeans... it will make it easier to continue wearing some of your favorite tops and curbs your jean withdrawals. 

So, the next time you see a garment or accessory in a shade of pink that you like, or cross a vintage sequin jacket in a thrift store, don't pass it up! And then tell me where you saw it, because clearly I'm not one to turn down pink or sequins.

Aviators - Ray Ban
Scarf - J.Crew (old) similar
Sequin Top - J.Crew
Undershirt - Hanes Crew Neck Tee
Maternity Jeans - Jessica Simpson
Heels - Steve Madden


"I believe in pink." - Audrey Hepburn


  1. Is this post done on purpose to put out girl vibes for tomorrow? ;) (You look flawless, love every bit of it!)

  2. I'm sending girl vibes your way! Either way I am so excited for tomorrow! Kisses..

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