Must Have Monday on a Wednesday

Since I was busy obsessing over palm trees and desert in Arizona, I totally looked over this weeks Must Have Monday. And instead of completely disregarding it, I decided to present you with my weekly lust list on a Wednesday. Hey, better late than never right?

Oh my god. I already own 4 sequin jackets. But I'm pretty sure I need this silver one.

Have y'all seen Zara's new Spring 13 line? I'm loving it - although, I was looking forward to more pastel colors. Maybe that will come with their summer line? I'll keep my fingers crossed.

How cute is this dress? It screams Kate Spade but for less than half the price. 
I'm really trying my hardest to buy more dresses. It's probably the thing I own the least of. But I'm also really picky about dresses and their fit. I don't like them to be too tight, or else I feel like I should be working on a table instead of at a desk. I like when they are lose enough to breathe yet fit enough to look like a lady. Does that make ANY sense? 

English Tea Roses
There's nothing more uplifting than fresh flowers. And these are my new favorites.
Mainly because they remind me of my all-time favorite flower: Peonies.
So while peonies aren't in season or readily available, reach for these, they're beautiful!

Drinking and Tweeting
I freaking LOVE Brandi Glanville. Okay. I wasn't sure about her at first, but now, I feel for the girl. I can't imagine being in her shoes. She is always having to fight for herself. Admittedly, a lot of it is brought on herself, but she's 100% always in defense mode. Anyway, I'm pumped for her book. You can guarantee I'll be going to Barnes & Noble on February 12th and buying it.

J.Crew Pixelated Houndstooth Skirt
Digital & pixelated prints are about to hit the fashion world like Kimbo Slice.
I went to J.Crew the day they released their spring line and I immediately went straight to this skirt.
I love it, I love the colors and I would definitely wear it year-round.
Look at me trying to convince you that I should buy this. Ha! Welcome to my world.

Victorias Secret Maxi Dress
I've been looking for a { classy } lime green dress for a minute now. BINGO.

J.Crew Collection Contessa Pumps
I told you guys about these a while back in my J.Crew Spring 2013 post, but at that time I didn't know exactly how many colors this pump would come in. It's safe to say I love all 4 colors, but I really think this one would go with all of my outfits - since they are always so crazy. It's a beautiful neutral shoe with just a touch of something different - which I'm a big fan of. 

Stella and Dot Bracelet
How cute is this! Perfect for a little Valentine's gift to oneself, right? I really need to expand my jewelry collection - especially my bracelets. I think this one is a great start.

What are you lusting over this week?

Xx - Jen


  1. I bought a sequined jacket in black this winter and haven't worn it yet.. I just don't know how to style it. Suggestions?
    Totally need those pumps & I love that VS dress. May have to get that in the light pink. :)
    You have amazing style woman!

  2. That maxi.. I vote you but it right this second and then I'll buy the sequin jacket. I've been thinking about owning one ever since you wore yours to the concert :)

  3. Great picks. Dying over that VS Maxi Dress!

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