Street Style - New York Fashion Week

Street style has always been a big pool of inspiration for not only myself, but for some of the world's biggest and most powerful fashion designers, editors, and creative directors. I think that's why personal fashion blogs have become so outrageously popular. There is something so pure and creative about street style. It's a representation of that person's creative spirit and best of all, it's a mix of designers and price points. I just love seeing a grey Hanes tee paired with a vintage Chanel tweed jacket. 

So when fashion's most notorious get together in New York City for fashion week, the street style photographers are out in full force. And thank goodness they are, it's like free inspiration for everyone. My favorite sites to stay up-to-date with street style are
Harper's Bazaar & The Satorialist

Because there have been a tremendous amount of amazing looks this year, I just had to do a post over my favorite ones. All images are straight from Harper's Bazaar NYFW 2013 Street Style

It's pretty safe to say I'll be investing in a faux fur coat within the next week or so. 
It's also good to note that simplistic style is here to say, whether you add a pop of color or not.

Xx - Jen


  1. I just bought a faux fur trench. A la vintage. It is TDF.

    1. Oh girl, you're going to have to send me a picture!