A Few of My Favorite Outfits

I've never understood this about me, but I honestly pick out my favorite outfits when I'm not really thinking about my outfit at all. It's normally when I'm in a rush. When I'm strictly going off of the sliver of colors and patterns hanging in my closet. And the funny thing is, this directly reflects my professional life. I do my best work under pressure. I'm always surprisingly impressed with the writing I can do during crunch time. I'm the best procrastinator you will ever meet. I never studied for tests or finished homework until the night before. I relished in getting a venti Americano at 11pm and staying up all night to study. Don't ask me why. My best ideas come to me late at night, and it's always been that way. I can't say that I hate it.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my last-minute outfits that have turned out to be some of my absolute favorites.

This outfit came about over Christmas break. I had finally finished packing all of my outfits for several days and then realized I didn't have a cute outfit to travel in. With all of my 'good' outfits packed and my husband constantly telling me how late we were going to be, I panicked. I ran into my closet. Saw the True Religion leopard pants. Scanned all of my tops, figured pink would go best. Grabbed the comfy Wildfox sweater. Looked in the mirror and saw the necklace I already had on, so I grabbed gold shoes that would match it. I always have to have some kind of balance in the outfit, especially if it's going to be crazy like this one. 

There's a reason you can't see all of my hair in this picture. Two words: Bed head. Another rushed outfit from just the other weekend. My friend Sami was in town and she was extremely late to brunch with her friends. Mainly because of me. I was glued to my TV while she had been getting ready for the last hour. Chasing the Saturdays was on. Sue me. So when it became crunch time, I went off of my red nail polish. I always have to start with something. An anchor, if you will. I knew the day would entail shopping, so flats were a must. Two minutes later, this outfit happened. A pretty good J.Crew go-to if I say so myself. That herringbone best was a damn good investment. I wear it too much.

I love this one. Proof I live by my mantra that leopard goes with anything. This outfit was a super quick change from my work clothes. We had a group of friends coming over to watch a football game and I literally had about 2 minutes to change because people actually followed us back to our apartment from work. It's a good thing I drive fast. I threw on my go-to J.Crew black pixie pants and found a fun comfortable top. I didn't want to feel sloppy so I threw on heels, and leopard was the best addition to an outfit that could of been color top-heavy. I don't know what that look on my face is for. Maybe because I pulled off a crazy Jen-worthy outfit before anyone else walked in the door. 

New Years Eve! Look how cute my husband is. So if any of you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my NYE outfit. And this was not it. Well, it was, but it wasn't what I started with. 
A lot of fun friends came into town and we had somewhat of a wild dinner at the Omni. Needless to say, I spilled a drink all over myself. I wasn't drunk, I was just hyper and I get really animated when I tell stories. The use of hand gestures is a must. And my martini glass was just too close. 
Thankfully, we live close to the Omni. So I had a car full of people waiting on me to run up and change. I exchanged my feather skirt for sequins and my silk oversized top for a short sleeve Urban Outfitters crop top I bought in Miami. I kept the same necklace, tights and boots on. And I was good to go. Another quick change led to a perfect crazy outfit to ring in 2013. 

Xx - Jen


  1. I am officially obsessed with your blog! I absolutely LOVE your style!! I followed you on instagram too! :) xoxo
    - Pam

    1. Oh my goodness, thanks girl! I'll be sure to check out yours!