Heavy Metal

You might be living under a rock if.... you haven't noticed an onslaught of metals appearing everywhere. Literally. They're everywhere. Open up any fashion magazine on the stands right now and you'll see some kind of metal - whether it's shoes, polishes, jeans, tops, or bags, it's all there and it's all fabulous. Well, most of it anyway. We've taken our metals in appetizer portions - adorning our favorite shoes, bags and jewelry, but now it's time to think about metal being our entree. And, if you're a little bit timid to transport back to the Saved by the Bell / Clueless days, I hear you. Sifting through all of this metal, you have to be careful, some of it is a little out of this world. So I've compiled a list of tips, tricks and shopping quips to help you conquer one of fall's biggest trends.

After all, they say metal is the future of fashion. 
But I say, proceed with caution.

For starters, I'm a huge advocate of colorful, fun, exciting shoes. Your shoes should be fun, not boring. Of course, every girl needs her basics - black pumps, nude pumps, flats and strappy sandals. But everything else should be wild and crazy. After all, it's shoes! You can get away with anything on your feet. Trust me. (Well... except Crocs.) Anytime I wear bright neon heels, or my beloved pair of magenta snakeskin pumps, I just tone down my outfit. It's that simple.

With that said, this explains why I'm dying over these metallic Manolo's. 

BB Point-Toe Metallic Pump

For the past few years I've contemplated for hours over these Tory Burch Revas Ballerina Flats. Somehow, I've managed to pass them up on more than one occasion for snakeskin Revas, and even plain Revas. I can't say I blame myself. But now I'm wishing I had these in my lineup. I'm a big fan of gold, so if I was choosing between these two, I'd grab the gold, hands down.

But if that's too much metal commitment - lay your eyes upon these Gucci pumps. They have just the right amount of metallic and I'm certain they would become a staple in your closet. Plus, the proximity of the metallic next to your skin is always very complimenting. That's the thing about metallics, they look great against any skin tone.

Metallic Trimmed Suede Betty Pump

I've also fallen in love with this adorable pair of Steve Maddens. Zara had a similar pair a few months back, but they weren't as put together as these (in my opinion). At such a good price point, I think these are a must for me. They also come in black and gold. Check them out here.

I could go on and on about all of the metallic shoes I want, but I think I'll move on to metallic clothes, since those are a little trickier. After rummaging through racks and racks and racks - I've found some metallic gems I'd wear over and over again.

Metallic Skirt by BCBG

Ritual Wrap Skirt by Ellery
The Skinny Jean by 7 For all Mankind

Metallic Sequined Jacket by Haute Hippie
Lurex Jacquard Top by Tibi

Beaded Priya Dress by Shoshanna

I could picture this Sheri Bodell dress on a young starlet at an award show like the MTV VMA's. It's so unique. For a more mature, polished look, you could pair this dress with a structured white blazer, so just a little bit of the metal peeks out.

With metal and metallic clothing, opt for lightweight textures and hues. If you're wearing a metallic top or dress, pair it with a big chunky necklace or a whimsical scarf to create a sense of depth. Same goes with darker metallic hues - like that emerald top above. I'm really big on juxtaposition, and the opposite of metal would be extremely light and girly - so with any of these options add a level of femininity to it. Put on pearl earrings. Dab on some ruby red lipstick. Or even curl your hair into delicate spirals. Although you might think you won't look put together, trust me, you will. When people buy in too heavy on trends, and they wear them all at once, they sometimes tend to look harsh. Above all, have fun with this trend. After all, it's metallic!


Metallic accessories are nothing new. They've been accessible forever. But this fall, the spotlight is shining even brighter on them. And the good thing is, you and your wallet can take comfort in the fact that metallic accessories will always be in style. Here are some of the best accessories I found that I would wear this fall/winter.

Balenciaga City Sparkle in Pale Rose

Now I'm curious about this. I know we all would die for a classic quilted Chanel bag, but would you shell out a pretty penny for a metallic one? If I had to choose, I would have to pick a classic bag. But this metallic one sure is fun. And I would definitely sport it this winter! Let me know what you think in the comment section below!
Kate Spade Camel Belt
Trista Chandelier Earrings by Kendra Scott

I'll leave you with a few tips that I abide by when it comes to metallic.

1. Avoid the darker charcoal metallic hues. 
They look dirty (to me) and I can't think of much you could do to spruce it up. 

2. Stay true to yourself when shopping for this trend. Unless you're a risk taker, don't buy/wear something you aren't comfortable in. 
Confidence in the cherry on top of a perfect outfit. 

3. Metallic nail polish is a do. Metallic make-up is a don't.

4. Overdose on jewelry. Mix and match gold and silver. I promise it's okay to do!

Opinions, Questions, Comments? I'd love to hear from you!


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  1. Nailed it again my love! I bought a silver metallic sweater from the Nords Anni Sale and I'm in love with it but I'm worried about how to wear it! You'll have to help me :) Obsessed with those Steve Madden pumps for sureee! They are my favorite!