On the Job

The last few weeks have been super busy at work. But we've been able to let loose this week and actually start filming everything we've been concepting for so long. And that's a good feeling!

At an advertising agency, personalities reign supreme. And there is obviously no one as obsessed with clothes as me in the office. So when it came time to film my personality video, I didn't hold back.


I mean. I know they say the camera adds 10 pounds, but good gosh, there must of been 26 cameras on me. I think I should invest in photoshop and fix'er up.

Yesterday we hung out with Jeremiah, a musician from California who is residing in Oklahoma City at the moment. We're hoping to shoot a piece for him in the next week over his music. And get this. He has never taken any kind of music lesson in his life. He taught himself how to play the guitar, and he taught himself how to sing.


I would LOVE to hear what you guys think of him!

Now I'm going to get back to cultivating new FASHION posts.
Happy Tuesday!


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