A Rainbow of Denim

It's a fact.
Colored, printed and patterned denim is here to stay.

Nowadays, everywhere you look you see colorful, fun, wild, eccentric denim. And they're pretty much available in all price ranges and color palettes. I almost feel like I'm cheating on my normal, blue jean denim. I can't even remember the last time I wore regular jeans. But for someone who always looks like a rainbow, I'm not surprised I've taken to colored denim like a college campus has to NorthFace.
The biggest thing to remember with printed or patterned jeans is to make sure you pair it with a subtle top. If you wear snakeskin jeans with a gingham print top, you're going to look atrocious. Anytime I wear any of my crazy printed jeans, I always wear a plain color on top. Usually black, beige, or sometimes pink. (Since half of my closet is pink)

You have more freedom with colored denim. I think every girl should own a bright, solid red pair of jeans, a cool kelly green pair, and a funky color - like turquoise or orange. I personally, own a rainbow. Literally. The only colors I do not have are purple and yellow. And I am actually looking for a super bright pair of sunflower yellow pants at the moment, so let me know if y'all have any good ideas! As for purple, I'm waiting until I find the perfect lavender pair. Purple is tricky.

For all of you that don't own a red pair of jeans yet, these are what you want!

7 for All Mankind

If you want colored, printed or patterned denim, but you're afraid of it being super unflattering on your legs (guilty) - stick with darker colors. The light pastels and brightly-printed jeans are only going to call out the problem areas. I love the dark polka dot jeans I've been seeing.

These adorable Verdugo skinnies by Paige Denim even come in an adorable pink! I think I need those! Polka dots, aside from being one of my favorite things ever, are actually making a huge comeback. And I couldn't be more excited about it. 

If you want your bum to look fantastic in colored, printed or patterned denim, opt for jeans by AG Adriano Goldschmied or Citizens of Humanity. Seriously. Those are the two brands I will swear by to make my back end look fantastic.

If you are a beautiful momma and you feel like you are too old for these kinds of pants, I promise you, you aren't! I would stay away from the funky printed jeans, unless they are lightly colored and very subtle, and go for just the colored denim. Red is always a great color to start with. Here is a really cute pair from Ann Taylor Loft.

Another one of my tricks to making your denim flattering is to roll the bottoms up twice. It will create a thickness at the bottom that will even your legs out.

My favorite favorite favorite denim brands are:
AG Adriano Goldschmied, J Brand, Joe's Jeans, 7 for all Mankind, and Citizens of Humanity.
These brands have the best colored and printed denim around. Here are some of my must-have's from each brand right now!

AG Adriano Goldschmied

Paige Denim
Citizens of Humanity

7 for All Makind
J Brand

I found these two additional pairs as I was writing this blog, how fun are these?

Any questions? Have another topic you want to hear about? Let me know!


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