Pool Party

It's officially hotter than Channing Tatum out there, and that means most of us will be in or around a pool more than once in the upcoming months. And while trying to come out victorious in the battle against your inevitable sweat glands, it's important to look cute.

Here are my guidelines:
• Swimsuit: I LOVE mixing and not-matching. But when you're out shopping for swimsuits in sets, Opt for brightly colored ones, especially pinks. The bright colors will give you a nice glow and make you look a few shades tanner than you really are. And when you're tan - you look skinnier. It's a win-win. And please, I beg you, steer clear of anything zebra print. 

• A classic plain black swimsuit is a staple in my closet - as it's a perfect go-to. And if I could look like Adriana Lima in my black swimsuit that would be great too. Thanks.

 • Hair: Free flowing with a headband - braids - or even a cute topknot. Nothing too fancy. Remember: You're at the pool to relax and have a good time. 

• Makeup: I don't wear any makeup to the pool, but if that scares you - throw on some waterproof mascara. (Diorshow Iconic Supreme is the absolute best) Don't go to the pool in full makeup, please, it screams "trying too hard" - especially to guys. Let your hair down and embrace your gorgeous features. Trust me, a tan on the face works wonders.

• Nails: Bright! Always bright!

• Cover-ups: Keep it simple with cover-ups, but don't look sloppy. I always wear something loose - One of my favorites is an off-the-shoulder H&M linen over-sized sweater. Sometimes I'll do a pair of white cutoffs with a denim button down, worn open. Or all white. Something about white clothes and the pool just make me super happy. And if you haven't heard of Stone Cold Fox - you have to check it out, it's beautiful.

• Hats: Hats are so chic, and they block out the sun when you want to read a book or have a conversation without squinting. My favorite is from J.Crew!

• Jewelry: If you plan on swimming - I say no jewelry. If you plan on laying out and socializing - I say super cute stud earrings. And. That's. It.

• Shoes: Courtney Kerr has been my knight in shining armor with vocalizing this.. No heels with your swimsuit. Wedges are a perfect match, and so are cute sandals. Just stay away from those $1 foam flip flops. Favorites:

 What I keep in my bag:

• MAC 'Mineralize' Charged Water (Face Mist)

FIJI Water Bottle (Extra large, of course)

• Wintergreen Gum (My favorite!)

• Almond snack packs (for boost of energy)

• The latest Elle or Vogue

• Banana Boat Spray Mist Sunscreen 

• MAC Sheen Supreme in Blossom Culture

• PINK Body Mist from Victoria's Secret

• Ray-bans

Happy Summer!
What are some of your favorite pool must-haves that I should try??
Let me know!



  1. Hi Jen! I found you through Elle-Ellebowroom. I'm so glad I did. Your intro on this post cracks me up!! Love the nails too!