My Summer Wish List

They warned me. 

"If you take on a monthly car payment, all of the money you spend on clothes will be cut in half". 

The next morning I bought a Jeep.

Yes, I'm in love with her, but I miss shopping. Clothes aren't just clothes to me, they are so much more. I fall in love with clothes. Someone else out there has to know what I mean by this, I swear I'm not crazy. Although I am learning "fashion self-control", it's hard. And, needless to say, my wish list keeps on growing. So, I figured I would share with you my list of Summer MUST HAVES. And just so everyone knows, my birthday is 3 months away... Ahem. 

Tory Burch 'Carlin-Smal' Satchel
I've always wanted a white leather bag, but this is almost the best of both worlds. Every spring/summer retailers anticipate the arrival of their straw bags because well, they never go out of style. But give Tory Burch and inch and she'll go a mile with the creation of this chic satchel. This bag has some serious staying power in your closet. 

Exposed Druzy Ring
One thing I want to collect more are rings. Big, crazy, eye-catching rings. I'm in love with this one, but if it's not your style, check out Anthropologie's site - they have several unique ones.

Steve Madden 'Realove'
Throw these on with any outfit for a subtle chic look. They come in basic colors too, but I would definitely go with pink!

Kate Spade 'Orchid Isle' Cotton & Silk Scarf
If you read this blog, you know I'm obsessed with scarves. This one is perfect to take you through all of the warm months. 

The first comprehensive examination of California's mid-century modern design.
A big obsession of mine right now. I started out as an Interior Design major, so I still have that desire to learn. This is by far my favorite type of design. So simplistic and elegant.

I. Love. These. Jeans.
Joe's Jeans 'The High Water' Cropped Skinny Jeans
Mark my words. These will be mine this week. I can't live without them.

Chanel Classic Aviators Summer 2012
Perfect for anytime of the year. Aviators fit my face the best, and these are just... Classic.

Oklahoma Pride Necklace
I have been wanting one of these for a while.  Maya Brenner does them best!

Parker Embellished Silk Cropped Jacket
Every now and then I invest in a fun piece like this. It adds a spark to any outfit. Especially work attire. And, it makes your closet happy!

Tory Burch 'Small Logo' Studs
Perfect little statement pieces to go with your outfit. They come in silver too!

Imitation Gifford Fringe Skirt
This is another investment piece, but everyone needs a funky little skirt. Can you imagine twirling in this? 

Citizen's Basic Skinny Jeans 
I've worn the life out of my 2 other pairs of these jeans.  Hands down the best pair of basic skinnies I've owned.

Zara Heels
One of my fashion rules is to always have fun with your shoes. Now that the weather is getting warmer, invest in a pedicure every two weeks and show off those toes! Zara has the BEST high heels for the summer and the prices aren't too shabby. 

Citizen's Floral Cutoffs
I'm sure everyone has seen the jean version of this print. While I didn't want to commit to the jeans, I am dying over these shorts. Mix them with a vintage rock tee and sandals and you have one kick-ass outfit.

Bubble Necklace
What girl in the world DOESN'T want this necklace from J.Crew right now? The hardest part is deciding what color I want. Can't go wrong with pink!

Panama Hat
This hat is perfect for this summer. It's screams effortless chic. Whether you're going to the pool or running errands on a Saturday, it adds a cool factor to any outfit.
This Entire Outfit
I love the way I feel when I'm in a head-to-toe white outfit. You just feel cool, calm and relaxed - and chic. If you don't feel brave enough to pull off a white ensemble, opt for a white blazer. Perfect with any outfit to dress it up a bit.

Rose and Gold Slip Dress
I'm always looking for pretty feminine dresses, and this one is perfect. This will take you all the way through August, and it will claim some serious real estate in your closet. Plus, it's on sale right now at Anthropologie!

Jacquard Dot Popover
These are my favorite kind of button-ups. They can easily be dressed-up or dressed-down in a second. Super comfortable and who doesn't love polkadots?

 There you go. Further proof that I have a serious shopping obsession. 

 xoxo Jen

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  1. Oh hi.. I love you and I love everything about this! My faves are the Chanel Aviators and the TB earrings. You definitely need those jeans, they have your name written all over them. Why can't I be as fabulous as you ;) xoxo- Sami