Interior Inspirations

I've really been getting back into Interior Design lately. 
And with my lease up in 2 months, I'm getting antsy about finding an old vintage house to decorate to the nines. So... I've been scouring the internet in my free time gathering handfuls of inspirational images. I hope some of these images inspire you as well!




Images via here and here.



  1. I really love all of the Pink and Orange. A perfect way to decorate my Bachelorette Pad :) I had no idea that you used to be an interior design major but I'm so glad you switched to Apparel or we may never had bonded over Nords and became BFF's!

  2. Jen! love this. Where did you find the top bedroom pic? I want that black and white quilt

    1. Thank you! I actually found it on another blog - I want that entire bed set! I'll do some digging and see if I can find out where it's from and I will let you know!