Forward Thinking.

Yes, Christmas was yesterday, and yes I haven't posted in a while.. But it's time to think Spring! And what better way to get into the season of short shorts, electric silk blouses and super feminine espadrilles than by checking out J.Crew's Spring 2012 Unveil!

It's no secret I'm borderline obsessed with J.Crew, but it's hard not to be when their collection's continue to get bigger and better every season. The quality is skyrocketing.

Start the Spring off with something pink. And by pink i mean electric pink. Think pink highlighters. I'm currently on the hunt for hot pink jeans, but if that ain't your thing.. check out J.Crew- They have a bevy of adorable blouses and accessories in this electrifying hue.

If you didn't buy 3 denim shirts in the last 2 months (sorry I'm not sorry), now is the time to do it. Denim button downs go with everything. They add an effortless chic to any outfit, no matter what you pair it with. And it goes great with literally every skin tone. The same goes for guys... but i'll get to that later.

Stripes. If you don't own a handful of striped shirts.. well then, what's wrong with you? Stripes in all shapes and sizes (fat stripes need love too) are PERFECT for layering.

Colored denim is back and better than ever. Except this year.. America will have more options in the colored denim SHORTS arena. (it's about time). J.Crew and Express will have large collections of colorful cut-offs. So this season, buy a color that scares you. Like neon yellow. Just do it. And you know what... you could pair it with a denim top! Bam. Stylish outfit #1.

ORANGE. And it's not just because I went to Oklahoma State University that I'm saying this.. well maybe a little bit... but orange is legit. It's almost too legit. My thing with orange is that it makes an outfit unique. You haven't seen orange around a lot. But trust me on this, it's coming. Wait until those spring catalogs come out and you'll see countless orange pieces.

My current orange repertoire: Orange Jeans. Orange Velvet Blazer. Orange Sweater. Orange Pencil Skirt. Orange Scarves. Orange Essie polish. Orange Loafers. Orange Heels.

That lineup might scare you, but if you attended OSU, it's a below average collection. Trust me.

Like I said before.. Denim. Denim is hot. Especially on boys. Especially if they know how to rock it. J.Crew and the Gap have a great selection of denim tops right now. Always opt for the lighter denim tops - they are much more versatile. Pair with khakis or darker denim. If you feel like being awesome, throw on a tie with the denim - OR - wear it open with a vintage tee underneath. Triple points if you own a vintage tee.

And now.. I have a double-wolf-dare for all of you (straight) guys out there. Wear V-Necks. They don't have to be the super duper plunge v-necks you see the more effervescent dudes wearing... but a casual v-neck that dips just a few inches. It's hot. Girls like it. And I promise you, no one will think you are gay. A girls dream outfit: Guy in a white v-neck, slouchy denim and messy hair. Am i right ladies?

Cotton lightweight crew-neck sweaters. (See photo: 3rd and 4th dudes from the left) Very lightweight. You can wear these throughout the spring and into the summer. They are perfect with shorts, and still look classic (and hot). You could even pull off the "i-don't-give-a-shit" mantra with these. Once again, J.Crew has a big selection in basic colors and in stripes. But so do several other stores, I'm just biased. I would shoot for neutral colors in these. That way.. if you want.. you can throw on a colorful oxford underneath for an instant upgrade!

Men's Spring Fashion Don't: I'm sorry, but I have to say this. Guys... if you own white sunglasses, Throw. Them. Away. They scream "I'm trying too hard to get noticed", "I have no style", and "I'm making up for other things I don't have". Sorry, but let them go. Pick up some Ray-Ban Aviators. Please. Thank you. Love, America.

Shoes. Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes. Period. I'll attach pictures if I need to. These pull together every single masculine outfit for the spring. And they come in 5 million styles. Leather, suede, canvas.. you name it. I know I'm not the only girl in the world that does this, but when I meet a guy (or a girl or anyone) the FIRST thing I notice is their shoes. If your shoes suck... so do you.

Happy Shopping.


  1. Omgosh I love you. These posts are brilliant! Move to Colorado and start a styling business? I'll be your assistant :) Love you loads!

  2. Thank you! I am find information on this topic as I am working on a business project. How did you get to be this great? It’s remarkable to see someone put so much passion into a subject.

  3. On the off chance that you don't claim a modest bunch of striped shirts.. well then, what's off with you? Stripes in all shapes and sizes (fat stripes need love as well) are PERFECT for layering.