A Long Time Coming.

Why, hello there. I'm Jen. I've had an ongoing love affair with clothing since the age of 0. Ever since I landed my first job at a coffee shop at the ripe age of 15, all of my paychecks have gone towards shoes, perfume, jewelry, scarves, clothes and nail polish. Now that I am married, it's a bit harder to donate my paychecks to Piperlime.com. But that's neither here nor there, because trust me, I will find a way. Anywho, everyone that knows me, knows this blog has been a long time coming *title*. I give fashion advice left and right to women and men. Heck, I've been personal shopping for friends, friends of friends, complete strangers and family since high school. In my spare time, I work behind the scenes at fashion shows and photo shoots all over Oklahoma. I have traveled to Miami to work Miami Fashion Week. I even recently produced my very first fashion show. So, you can kind of tell I have an intense desire towards clothes, shoes and the always ridiculous runway fashion. Even though I can't afford runway fashion, I'm still allowed to drool over it. It's all I think about. My favorite part about shopping is putting together outfits in a way no one would think of. I wouldn't say I have a particular style, it's normally all across the board, but I do dabble into particular trends without diving in head first. I think you still have to stay true to yourself in fashion. Don't give yourself up to every stinkin' trend. What is "in fashion" doesn't always make you fashionable. Style makes you fashionable, because it's strictly yours and no one can take that from you. Over the years my friends have called me panicking before big events asking, "Jen, what would you wear on a first date.. what would you wear to an outdoor wedding.. what would you..." you get it... Therefore, I have titled this blog accordingly. I hope to cover ground on all of those topics with multiple suggestions. So, this blog is my contribution to whoever wants to read it. This is an inside look at how I put outfits together. Sometimes crazy, sometimes preppy, but always different. Enjoy.

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